Wednesday, August 26, 2009

John Cena's Biggest Littlest Fan!!

When I was 1 (Anessa here she was 21 months to be exact. O.K. back to Annuh), I started to like wrestling. My favorite wrestler is John Cena. I used to cry when he got hurt cause it was so sad. I used to do the John Cena move and say "You can't see me" when someone would ask me "What does John Cena say?"

OK Anessa is back. Let me explain exactly how big of a fan Miss Annuh is. One day I decided to introduce Annuh to wrestling. My great grandpa did the same for me. I showed Dewy and Jem when they were about Annuh's age but at that time they didn't have much interest, anyways when I showed Annuh at first I thought she didn't like it much either until I noticed the look in her eyes when she saw John Cena. Hang it up I could tell she was now a fan. She wouldn't take her eyes off of him. She started to do his moves. Shortly afterwords she started to become a true die hard fan. She couldn't even wait a week to watch him. After nights of her throwing fits, we started to record every wrestling show so she could watch it over and over again. Once when John Cena hosted the movie Fast and the Furious, Annuh watched the movie just so she could see John. At one point we had to use a code name for John Cena...we tried spelling his name and she still guessed it. She loves him and still does. She has a wrestling outfit.....she chose one of her skirts and shirt and she chose the name Buckets. She wanted to go help John whenever anyone was mean to him. She still talks about teaming up with him to do a tag team match. Who knows one day it could happen.

She still asks when can she meet John Cena. We came close once when we went to a live show and I took Annuh down to see John and we got trampled by a mob of fans. Poor Annuh was upset! She tried holding her sign up and saying can he see me? The sign said 'John Cena's Biggest Littlest Fan'. I told her I don't know? She even made him a special picture. She started to cry when John went in the back and she was unable to meet him and give him her picture she made for him. It was heart breaking. Annuh is a true fan of John Cena's. I still laugh every time I think of when people would say "It is just a phase she is going through." HA. I don't think so.

(pic: I tried my best....Annuh loved it and that's what counts:+) 3-4-08)